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BREAKING: Dem Lawmaker Breaks Rank, Tells CNN She’ll Vote for Border “Barriers”

As the partial shutdown of the federal government entered its third complete week on Friday, Democrat lawmakers – who once remained united behind Nancy Pelosi, appear increasingly willing to make a deal with President Trump regarding border security.

Among them was Democrat Rep. Katie Hill, who stated her willingness to negotiate with Trump on his requested funding to bolster security, including the construction of his proposed border wall.

In recent interviews, Hill has signaled her desire to end the ongoing shutdown, and has called on fellow Democrats to work with the president towards reopening the government, while admitting that border barriers are effective.

Her careful use of the word “barriers” instead of “wall” appears to be a mincing of words simply to lessen the political backlash from siding with President Trump.

Speaking with media outlets over the weekend, the California Congresswoman continued to assert that both Republicans and Democrats must put aside partisan division and reach an agreement on the issue – a stark contrast to Pelosi and prominent leaders’ stances.

While Democrats have attempted to prevent the construction of the border wall, a strong primetime address by President Trump on Tuesday and other factors have left them increasingly scrambling to explain their position against increasing security at the border.


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