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After Democrats Refuse To Build Wall, Trump Gives Army Direct Order

Pelosi didn’t think Donald would dare – well here it comes.

The government shutdown drags on. Federal employees aren’t getting paid.

Numerous services have been shuttered. Americans are left in the lurch.

All because the Democrats have no idea how to negotiate, and they refuse to cooperate with the president.

But Trump’s going to get his way, one way or the other, to protect the American people.

It looks like President Trump is finally going around Democrats, and he’s giving the military the order Democrats were dreading.

From Fox News:

The White House has directed the Army Corps of Engineers to “look at possible ways of funding border security,” Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told Fox News on Thursday night…

Such a move still could require the president to declare a national emergency in order to access those funds to build a wall…

Approximately $13.9 billion is available from the congressionally approved February 2018 supplemental spending bill, intended to cover natural disasters.

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We know that the Democrats will never agree to fund the wall.

They will lose far too much if they yield. The media will paint them as losers, bowing to Trump’s will.

Their own supporters will be outraged. Plus, they will lose out on millions of potential voters in the form of undocumented migrants.

And Trump will have a major win (among many) going into 2020.

President Trump’s only chance at building the wall and ending the shutdown is to do it without the left’s support.

He is looking at all avenues at getting this major promise done. Americans are finished with waiting.

We are sick of the left’s games.

The wall must be built, one way or another.

If Trump does go ahead and use the military to build the wall, rest assure the Democrats will find another way to block him.

Proving, once again, they care more about outsiders than they do Americans.

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Source: Fox News

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