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LOOK: Policeman From Indiana Was Secretly Filmed While He Was Abusing A Dog,Video Spreads In Lightning Speed

There are so many examples wherever dogs shield humans and even save human lives. they’re our most loyal companions and everybody United Nations agency is that the owner of a dog or loves dogs is aware of that.
So area unit police dogs: they’re conditioned to United States of Americae their intuition to search out dangerous substances and objects and to guard us from them.
They even facilitate arrest criminals or place their own lives in danger if law enforcement officials area unit in trouble; several enforcement officers owe their lives to their police dogs.

When I saw the subsequent video with the information that i used to be afraid and sick at identical time to envision however the police officer restricted a working dog.
A pedestrian recorded the police officer treating a working dog during a terrible approach. Since the video of the incident was place on-line, it’s already reached nearly one.5 million views.
In the video that was on YouTube was denote, you’ll be able to see a pedestrian motion-picture photography 2policemen; one investigation a suspect, whereas the opposite was standing within the background with a working dog.
The police officer from Hammond, reception in American state, USA, then will one thing terrible to the dog.

He pulls on the dog leash, forcing the dog to face on his hind legs and touching the dog’s body with another leash.
Then he lifts the dog with the leash even higher into the air and swings it through the realm.

After the video went microorganism and also the accountable police office discerned of it, body tasks were assigned to the police officer initial of all, whereas additional investigations were initiated.
They found that the dog, that had antecedently shown no signs of aggression against the police officer, had not been abused, consistent with the Hammond local department.

But apparently over 1,000,000 users United Nations agency saw the video saw it otherwise. over one,400 folkscommented on the video and expressed however sick they were by the police officer’s actions.
In a statement that was created concerning NBC Chicago the police say that the police officer rehearsed the emergency as at a dangerous control, however that he can receive additional coaching within the future.

Look at yourself downstairs and then decide how you see things. Some readers might find the video disturbing.

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