Dani Carvajal seemingly changes his mind on Cristiano vs Messi controversy

  • Real Madrid right-back doesn’t name Cristiano Ronaldo the best player in the world
  • Carvajal claims both Messi and Ronaldo are the GOATs

Real Madrid defender Daniel Carvajal has been asked by El Chiringuito reporters on the burning issue of the Messi vs Ronaldo rivalry. And the Los Blancos player has given a surprising response by praising the Argentine:

Cristiano and Messi are incomparable. They both play up front, are the best players in history, but very different.

“Messi has better pass vision, finds spaces and has the ball stuck to his feet. Ronaldo is a destroyer. He gives everything to score and work for the shirt.”

Cristiano is more impulsive, I do not know … He arrives in the area and acts more on intuition. Messi generates more football, is a calmer boy, not that I know him personally, is what you see from the outside.”

Who do you think is the best player in history?

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