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Dog Insists On Sleeping In The Most Dramatic Place Possible

David Harsanyi  Ruben is a 5-year-old terrier who takes his nap time very seriously.   “His favorite hobbies are sleeping and barking at strangers — but mostly sleeping,” David Harsanyi, Ruben’s person, told The Dodo.  And it’s a good thing Harsanyi knows Ruben’s habits so well — otherwise the dog could have given Harsanyi …

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Hero Dog Saves Foster Mom From Rattlesnake

“It was almost as if she was on it saying, ‘I got this one, Mom — keep going.’’ Nobody had ever called Nellie brave before. Until a few weeks ago, the adjectives fearful, protective, shy or cautious were most commonly used to describe the homeless pit bull.  But that all …

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Doberman Pinscher Clocks in at 34 MPH

While other dog owners grab a leash to walk their dog, Xena’s humans are busy scoping out areas in which they can let their five-year-old Doberman Pinscher run wild and free! The Viral Hog clip, uploaded April 8, shows the spirited canine kicking it into a reported 34 miles per hour on a side street …

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Pitbull Breeds & Types of Pitbulls

With the media attention that Pitbull Breeds get, I’m sure most of us would be pretty confident in identifying this dog immediately. Would you be surprised to hear that in a study published in the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, a significant amount of shelter workers identified various purebred …

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