3 reasons to start Karim Benzema against PSG

There are reasons to believe that the Frenchman will turn it on against PSG on Wednesday.
He LOVES Champions League

Real Madrid love the Champions League and so does Benema. He has an excellent goals-to-games ratio in the continental competition, with 53 goals in 98 appearances. That is the sixth best record in history.

Best pairing with Cristiano

If Ronaldo had to say which player he most prefers to play with then he’d probably pick Benzema, given that the Frenchman works hard and allows the No.7 to focus on scoring. Benzema pulls defenders in his direction, opening up space for the team’s top scorer.

A sudden magical trick?

Benzema was the subject of criticism last year too, but he pulled off one of the best and most important moments of Los Blancos’ Champions League campaign, creating the decisive away goal in the semi-final second leg away at Atletico Madrid.

Do you still believe in Karim Benzema?

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