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Roma 1 – 2 Atalanta – Serie A 17/18 HD Highlights

Roma 1 – 2 Atalanta – Serie A 17/18 HD Highlights

Atalanta Preview: Dancing with La Dea

First some history lessons! The name Atalanta is taken from the female athlete of Greek mythology. Atalanta was a virgin huntress and the daughter of Iacus. She became a fierce hunter and was always happy. She took an oath of virginity to the goddess Artemis. Ahem.

Note: Don’t confuse with Atlanta, the biggest city in Georgia, USA and birthplace of Julia Roberts, Martin Luther King and Kanye West. Also, go Braves!

Which then leads us back to the brave Greek woman Atalanta. Or better yet, her Italian counterpart: Atalanta Bergamo FC. Coming off a surprise win in Napoli this week, La Dea (The Goddess) now visit a second tough trip in the space of five days. Atlanta-Roma was the very first game of the season back in August so that means we’re basically halfway through Serie A right now (bar the postponed match in Sampdoria). Roma narrowly and unconvincingly won thanks to Kolarov who would later turn into one of Monchi’s best (of not THE best transfer of the Summer of Roma).

A lot has happened since then, but let’s focus on Saturday. Overall Atalanta has been less impressive than last season. They have gone 7-6-6 in the league so far, sitting in ninth place. However, they still are in the race for the Coppa Italia and, yes, Europa League. Your typical tournament team, quoi. Papu Gomez still is their most lethal weapon and doesn’t feel too old for this shit (spot the movie reference). His 4 Serie A goals in ‘17-’18 are not impressive but when in form he’s one of Italy’s most dangerous hitmen.

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